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  • Friday Frenzy

    For those of you who have been following The Block, you will see that Globewest has been a massive hit and a regular go to store for the contestants.  And why wouldn't it be!!??  Globewest is one of our all time favs and has been for many years.

    We are so excited here at The Secret Room to have Globewest onboard as we have been a huge fan of their’s forever and have used them plenty of times in our interior design fit outs.

    What’s great about Globewest is they offer affordable but beautiful products for the style conscious client and you can always be sure to find that perfect, timeless piece.  It caters for the lazy designer as not too much searching a far has to be done when you know of this one stop shop.  They have already done all of the hard work scanning the globe to bring together a contemporary collection of furniture, homewares and lighting that defiantly ticks all of the boxes.

    Their latest collection has been a huge hit, and with the involvement of styling guru Julia Green and her amazing team, I think everyone is so impressed to say the least.  I mean who wouldn't love to get their hands on that amazing Quilted powder blue Bogart sofa.  Julia Green and Armelle Habit have certainly nailed the styling of this latest range and as a result Globewest is certainly the flavour of the month.  I’t's popping up everywhere!!

    Get your hands on some of the latest range, or any range to be honest with our FRIDAY FAVOURITE special of 10% off all Globewest products.  Simply place GLOBEWEST10 in the promotion box in the checkout to redeem this offer or message us if there is a particular item you are after xx

    Now lets take a look at some of the amazing room reveals seen on The Block featuring some of Globewests finest for a little inspiration! x

  • Launch

    Deep breath…we finally made it!!  Our love child The Secret Room has finally launched!  Of course it’s still very much a working progress but having it finally go live feels like such a huge accomplishment for us.

    As all of you working mums out there would know, finding that balance between children, career, family, guilt, children, career, family, guilt, is something I’m sure everyone one of us is trying to master unsuccessfully!  Hence what started as an easy 3 – 6 month project quickly turned in an 18 month long project! During this time we have had many major life events occur in between.  Big babies have started school, two new babies have joined us, there have been holidays, new homes, problems with website developers, new website developers engaged…the list goes on and on!  But with our hand on our hearts we can all say the busy, crazy, hectic and occasionally extremely stressful times have all been worth it!  What we now have is a product that we are so proud of.

    Our launch night was a huge success and we are already starting to think about the next project to keep moving forward.  We are so excited and happy with our collection of amazing local designers and brands that we have bought together in one easy to use, inspiring platform.  We have selected the labels based on how beautifully they all sit together and complement each other.  Having been away overseas with my family for the last 6 weeks, I have been so inspired and motivated to add some amazing products found abroad to our range.  We have such exciting times ahead!  At the moment we are still in that exciting faze of screaming to the world ‘The sky is our limit!’…so we’ll roll with that whilst we are still managing to stay sane!

    I also wanted to give a big shout out to all of our wonderful suppliers who have been so supportive, encouraging and patient.  Thank you so much for allowing us to include your amazing products in our range to make our collection what it is.  Without each and every one of the products we have, it wouldn’t have come together as it has, a vibrant, inspiring, colorful website and showroom that has had such a positive response and gaining such a great following from all of our wonderful clients and supporters.

    Over the coming months we will be bringing you new products, inspiring blogs and exciting specials.  Thanks for sticking with us while we find our feet and we hope you enjoy the journey as we evolve and continue to bring you everything we love and we’re sure you will love too!  So stay tuned! x

  • Kate’s creative space

    If you’re anything like me you will LOVE checking out other peoples spaces, especially those people who you assume will have all things wonderful, like an interior designer.

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